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Ansco Super Speedex 120 6x6 Rangefinder Camera W 75/3.5 Lens + Case Mint

   Ansco Super Speedex 120 6x6. Rangefinder Camera w/ 75/3.5 Lens. MINT This camera is in superb cosmetic condition showing the slightest. Please note that the top of the case is separated. Please examine the listing photos for the overall cosmetic condition of the item. The focus ring is quite stiff but tends to loosen up. If the camera sits untouched for a while. The focus stiffens up again. Service for ease of use. All other functions work flawlessly. All shutter speeds fire and sound accurate. The aperture stops down properly. Lens optics appear clean, free of any fungus or ...

Agfa Ansco 8x10 Field Camera Kodak Eastman Ektar 14 F/6.3 Lens + Extras Nice

   Up for sale is a rare to find Agfa Ansco 8x10 field camera with Kodak Ektar 14 f/6.3 lens in Ilex Shutter. This camera was well cared for part of a large collection of fine cameras, well cared for. The shutter is working at all speeds. The camera is in good vintage condition and complete as pictured. It includes three lensboards and tripod baseboard. The front standard has geared rise, geared rear focusing, it has rear swings too! Ground glass is intact and has optional fresnel included. A nice outfit ready for a new home. The item "Agfa Ansco 8x10 Field Camera Kodak Eastman Ektar ...
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