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Chamonix View Camera & Vintage Dallmeyer 3b Lens

   Lens is in exceptional shape. This is a dream set-up. Exceptional quality all the way around. Hate to part with it, but I need some other gear. Chamonix 10x10 / 8x10 Camera for Wetplate with Dallmeyer 3B Lens. Wet Plate Holder (10x10 with 8x10 reducer). 3 Wet plate inserts for shooting different sized plates: Whole Plate (8.5" x 6.5"), 5" x 7", and 4" x 5". Chamonix Lens Board with Dallmeyer mount. Prefer to sell as complete wet plate set-up. Also available: Harrison dark cloth, aluminum plates for tintypes, pyrex bottles for chemicals, chemicals, trays, etcs... The item ...
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