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Eyemo 35 Rv 35mm Crystal Reflex Camera Bell & Howell For Nikon F-mount Lenses

  Eyemo 35mm Crystal Reflex Viewing (RV) Camera PACKAGE INCLUDES. Eyemo 35mm Camera Body with Nikon F-Mount. (1) Eyemo Eyepiece w/ Eyecup. (1) XC-555 1/2 CCD Color Camera. (1) 1.78/2.35 Ground Glass. (1) Camera/Video Power Cable (see photos) (1) Lens Port Cap. Any item not pictured will not be included unless otherwise stated. This Eyemo 35 RV camera is in good cosmetic condition and runs well. This Eyemo 35mm camera has been modified for reflex viewing and has a 1.78/2.35 ground glass. It is equipped with a Nikon F-Mount lens mount, for use with Nikon still lenses. This compact 35mm ...
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