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Photo Duel 44 First Canon Dslr Vs Last Canon Film Slr Eos 1v Vs Eos 5d

Minolta Xd-7 (leica R3) First Multi Mode Slr Camera & Md Rokkor F1.7 50mm Lens

   To see our full range. Here we have a Minolta XD-7 (based on the Leica R3) First Multi Mode SLR Camera & MD Rokkor f1.7 50mm Lens in very good condition. Complete with a strap, lens cap and a fresh battery. A nice example of this beautiful classic lightweight, but supremely sophisticated camera. Based on Minlta's partnership with the R range of Lrica SLR cameras, this was the world's first multi mode, camera with full manual plus both aperture priority and shutter priority auto modes. We sell cameras that we expect you to use and experience the fun of analogue film ...
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