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Minolta Autocord, Chiyoko Lens, Seikosha-mx Shutter, Cla Mark Hama, Film Tested

   Minolta Autocord with Chiyoko lens, Seikosha-MX shutter, CLA by Mark Hama in 2018. This is one of the best twin-lens reflex camera you can get. It is better than a Rolleicord, almost as good as a Rolleiflex, and much nicer than any Yashica TLR model I have or have had all of them. It is in great condition. I had it CLA'd by Mark Hama in the US in February 2018 and everything works perfectly. This is probably the best introduction to medium-format photography than you can get without taking out a bank loan. The shutter works perfectly on all speeds. The glass in both lenses is clear and ...
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