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Kodak Retina Ii, Vintage 35mm Rangefinder Camera, Lens Rodenstock Heligon 2/5cm

   An ok working and ok looking, vintage analog roll-film, folding 35mm rangefinder camera. Bodynumber: 138943, made between 1946 and 1949 in Germany. With bodyshutter release, no strap lugs, no film type indicator on top, film inside needed. Condition: works good, smooth focus, some signs of use but cosmetic still good, leather all there, no bumps. Have a look at the pictures for the cosmetic condition. Heligon 1:2 f=5cm - made by: Rodenstock. Lensnumber: 2051658 - uncoated - condition: clean & clear. A manual of the Retina IIa in German will be included. Film inside is ...

Kodak Retina Iiic Type 028 35mm Film Camera With Heligon C F2/50mm Lens (yz49)

   A fabulous KODAK Retina IIIC (large C) Type 028 35mm Film Camera No. 3996852, together with a Synchro Compur Shutter. Condition: External - Excellent throughout, with only the very lightest cosmetic time marks Internal - Excellent & clean Lens - Excellent & with no fungus or scratches, noting a couple of dust specs on rear element (fairly normal) Shutter - Excellent, fully checked & working Light Meter - Checked & working Bright-line Viewfinder - Excellent & clear Rangefinder - Excellent & working (accuracy not checked) Kodak Retina Camera Case - Very good for ...
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