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Kodak Master View 8x10 Camera With Wray 12 305mm F10 Lens + Holder New Bellows

   Kodak Master View 8X10 Camera with Wray 12 305mm F10 Lens + Holder NEW BELLOWS. This is the ultimate all metal 8X10 field camera, and one of the smallest folding 8X10 cameras ever made. It features nearly limitless movements, and at the same time is one of most rigid and durable camera designs ever made. Made of high-grade magnesium alloy, this all metal camera features amazing craftsmanship and an ever-lasting design. The Kodak Master View is one of the most usable/versatile 8X10 field cameras available. This camera has recently been gone through, with all parts cleaned, lubricated...

Deardorff 8x10 V8 Field Camera With Rodenstock 300mm F5.6 Mc Lens + Holder

   Deardorff 8X10 V8 Field Camera w/ Rodenstock 300mm F5.6 MC Lens + Holder. This is the ultimate 8X10 field camera. Compact folding, lightweight, amazing craftsmanship and hand-built in the. This camera is in great original condition, with beautiful patina and buttery smooth operation. Paired with a superb lens, this is an ideal field or studio kit (for any use). Deardorff V8 8X10 field camera. Rodenstock Sironar N MC 300mm F5.6 lens. 8X10 film holder (used, modern, tested light-tight). Made of Honduran mahogany wood. Front movements include rise/fall, micro rise/fall and tilt ...
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