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Zeiss Ikon Movikon-16 Film Camera, (4) Zeiss Lenses, 2 Hoods, Filters, Case +++

   Zeiss Ikon Movikon - 16 vintage 16mm movie camera. With (4) four original Zeiss lenses: CZJ Sonnar 2.5cm f/1.4 built rangefinder , CZJ Sonnar 7.5cm f/4 built rangefinder , CZJ Tessar 2cm f/2.7 , and CZJ Tessar 1.5cm f/2.7. All glass surfaces in EX+ condition. Plus (2) Zeiss Ikon metal hoods and (2) sets of Zeiss Ikon filters. Original padded leather case, two (2) extra viewfinders, (4) extra filters for the 7.5cm lens. A great item for a Zeiss collector or to use. Sells with NO RESERVE at a price of. I have many other Zeiss and Contax Cameras, Lenses and Accessories, Leica items, Leica ...
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