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How To Master Zone Focusing On A Leica Film Camera Rangefinder Or Manual Lens

Cheap Vintage M42 Manual Lenses For Fuji X Mirrorless Cameras

My Five Best Manual Film Cameras

50mm Vintage Manual Lens Sharpness Comparison Six Lenses Tested

More Cheap Vintage Manual Lenses For Fuji X Mirrorless Cameras Tilt Adapter

My Favorite Manual And Vintage Lenses For Video

How To Use Old Manual Lenses On The Sony A7 Series

Polaroid 600se Instant Film Camera With Manual Shutter And Lens Aperture

   Instant medium format manual focus camera. The 600 camera uses Polaroid 600 lenses only. Nice black finish with slight signs of wear. Viewfinder with good working rangefinder. Camera has grip with cable release and strap. Weight of camera, lens and back is 4 lb 10 oz. This camera is in decent shape. Nice to work with camera that uses Polaroid or Fuji instant film packs, and has a manual shutter & lens aperture. Front filter size is 55mm. Minimum focus distance is 3.5 feet or 1 meter. Aperture range is f /. Shutter speed range is 1/500-1 second and B. Lens is leaf shutter and has ...

How To Use Vintage Manual Focus Lenses On Dslr Cameras Feat Canon Eos 40d

Leica M3 Camera 35mm Film Elmar 2.8/50mm Mc Meter Lens Cable Cap Manual Book F50

   This is a used Leica M3 body with a Collapsible ELMAR 1:2.8 f=50mm lens. The lens has slight haze visible and shows minor signs of age. The camera is in good working order. The light meter needs a battery therefor is untested. Also in included is a lens cap, release cable and a Leica M3 instruction manual and book. Camera serial number # 1 016 391. All our classic, vintage photographic and scientific items are. Unless otherwise stated in the description. Of the cameras, lenses or camera accessories. Or other equipment which we are listing have been. Stated in the description ...


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