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Bolex H16 Rex 5 Reflex 16mm, Film-tested, Nice Shape, With 3 Lenses, Rex-o-fader

   Cosmetically and functionally very nice Bolex H16 REX-5 Reflex with lenses, Rex-O-Fader. Here is very nice fully functional film-tested H16 Reflex Bolex REX-5, with 3 very nice Som-Berthiot C-mount lenses - 10mm/1.9, 25mm/1.4, 100mm/3.8, plus a Rex-O-Fader, filter holders/cutters, correct rewind knob, and original instruction manuals. A very nice complete kit to get you off and shooting right away! I shot some test footage a few weeks ago, with all 3 lenses. Bolex Rex5 Test on Kodak Ektachrome 100D 16mm film. And you'll find my hi-def scan of that film. As explained in the description of...
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