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Bolex-anamorphot Lens 8/19/1.5x System Moller B8 B8l H8 M8

   Bolex-Anamorphot Lens 8/19/1.5x System Moller B8 B8L H8 M8. This lens is designed specifically for a vista vision cinemascope effect , supplied with shade hood and in leather keeper. All our classic, vintage photographic and scientific items are USED unless otherwise stated in the description. None of the cameras, lenses or camera accessories, or other equipment which we are listing have been film tested unless specifically stated in the description above. We try to describe all of our items as accurately as possible. Lenses and camera shutters are physically tested only, by eye and ...

Nishika N9000 3d Camera 35mm Quadra Lens System Factory Sealed

   For use with standard 35mm color print film. No special glasses or viewers needed. The one for sale is new in box. This revolutionary camera lets you enjoy photographs with unprecedented 3-dimensional depth and realism without the need for special glasses or viewers! (3D development no longer available). Handgrip designed for maximum comfort. Exclusive Quadra Lens System incorporates four precision-machine lenses. Flash shoe accepts virtually all standard flash units. Uses standard 35mm color print film -- ISO/ASA 200 for outdoors, 1600 for indoors. Easy-to-use variable aperture ...
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