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Antique 8x10 Wood Eastman Kodak No. 2-d View Camera Withgundlach Perigraphic Lens

   2-D With a Gundlach Perigraphic-Convertible 28 Lens F= 5.6 No. It has a Betax No. This camera was made in the U. For the Eastman Kodak Co by the Folmer Graflex Corporation. Included with the camera is an 8x10 Wooden Film Plate and a black Viewing Cloth. This Camera is in beautiful, pristine condition. It extends and retracts well. The Red Bellows is in great shape - no holes or tears. The Ground Glass is very nice - no breaks or chips. The Reddish Brown Wood is beautiful. I believe it is cherry but not positive. This is one of the nicest cameras like this I have ever seen - ...
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