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Exc4 Bolex H16 Reflex Rex1 16mm Movie Film Camera 16,25,75,17.5-70mm 4lens A02

   Exc4 Bolex H16 Reflex rex1 16mm Movie film Camera 16,25,75,17.5-70mm 4lens A02. Ny scuffs from normal use. SWITAR 25mm f/1.4 H16 RX : Clean. There is no fog, fungus, scratches, separation, few dust. SWITAR 16mm f/1.8 H16 RX : Clean. YVAR 75mm f/2.8 : Clean. PAN-CINOR 17.5-70mm f/2.4 : Damage There is fungus, fog, scratches. Everything you can see on the picture will be included in a set of a package. Please refer to the pictures for more details. Please check the pictures and don't hesitate to ask any questions about the item! I send a product by EMS. Weekends are not available ...
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