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Rare Mamiya Mamiyaflex Ii 120 Film Tlr Camera With Setagaya Sekor 7.5cm. F3.5 Lens

   Rare Mamiya Mamiyaflex II 120 Film TLR Camera w/ Setagaya Sekor 7.5cm. This is a Mamiya Mamiyaflex II 120 Film TLR Camera. It is in very good cosmetic condition. There are some minor coating scratches on the taking lens. No haze or fungus in the elements. The viewing lens has minor haze but no fungus. I cannot get the shutter to fire. The shutter button is loose and does not seem to be connected. The leatherette is in decent shape. The viewfinder works well and is clean/clear. The mirror is missing no silvering. The focusing moves well and smoothly. The case is in worn ...

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Nikon N70 35mm Film Camera With Af Nikkor 50mm 1 8d Lens

Rollei Rolleicord V Tlr Camera Xenar 75mm F3.5 With 3 Lens Case Bag Film & More

   Up for grabs is a Vintage Rollei Rolleicord V TLR Camera Xenar 75mm f3.5 With 3 Lens Case Bag Film & More. This listing will come with everything pictured. The camera or lenses have NOT been tested. The camera does have scuff marks and wear. The lenses and Rolleilux do as well. Please refer to ALL photos. Camera (UNTESTED - may or may not work). 3 lens (wide angle included). Several rolls of Kodak Verichrome Pan film (2 are sealed others are out of box with gold paper). 3 boxes of Westinghouse flash bulbs 1 was previously opened. Browse my store for other great listings!!! ...

Nikon S3 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera With Black 50mm 1.4 Lens Original Vintage

   Nikon S3 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera with Black 50mm 1.4 lens Original Vintage. That was one of the first Rangefinder cameras I found. Very clean cosmetics, rangefinder works well and has good contrast. Shutter speeds all sound correct and none hang up. The only issue is the self-timer lever is very loose and not working. Lens is very nice as well. Beautiful camera at a great price. Case also in good shape. The item "Nikon S3 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera with Black 50mm 1.4 lens Original Vintage" is in sale since Sunday, June 28, 2020. This item is in the category "Cameras & ...

Bolex H16 Super 16 Rex-5 With 13x Viewfinder, Kern F/1.4 50mm Lens, Plus Film

Beautiful mint condition Bolex H16 Super 16 Rex-5 w/ 13x Red Dot Viewfinder, with a Super-16 ready Kern Switar H16 RX f/1.4 50mm c-mount lens, plus seven 100' rolls of film. The cleanest Bolex I've ever seen, with super bright 13x viewfinder, ready to film. Lens is clear of any scratches, haze, or fungus, and serves as a great prime for a wide variety of lighting conditions. Film stock includes three rolls of 50D, two 250D, one 500T and one Tri-X Reversal. The item "Bolex H16 Super 16 Rex-5 with 13x Viewfinder, Kern f/1.4 50mm lens, plus film" is in sale since Sunday, June 14, 2020. This item...

Konvas 1kcp-1m Movie Film Camera W 15epss Motor 28mm 50mm 135mm Lens Woody Box

   Format: normal Film speeds (electronically stabilized according with the link from tacho-sensor): 8,16, 24, 25 & 32 fps Power source voltage: 7.2-8.5 volt DC. Power consumption is up to 23A at maximum film speed. All connections should be very reliable to avoid burning. Magazine capacities: 60 and 120 meters. Lens mount: Russian version of Arri standard. It is a special bayonet OST-18. Flange to focal distance: 57mm Turret: rotating, 3 mounts. Viewing: rotating, mirror shutter reflex. Mirror shutter angle: 150 degrees. Length of exposure at 24 fps: 1/57.6 second. Weight of...

Weltaflex 6x6 120 Tlr Film Camera E. Ludwig Meritar F3.5 75mm Lens Tested #543

This item is fully tested and is in Great Working/Optical condition. Cosmetic condition is shown as Photos. (If the item is not as described/as shown). DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE GOT ANY QUESTIONS. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR DISCOUNT IF. USUALLY WE USE MY HERMES COURIER. FOR THE HEAVIEST ITEMS WE USE UPC COURIER OR ANY DIFFERENT COURIERS. MAKE SURE THE ITEM IS WELL PACKED AND SEND IT IN EXACTLY THE SAME CONDITION AS IT HAS BEEN RECEIVED FROM YOU. The item "Weltaflex 6x6 120 TLR Film Camera E. Ludwig Meritar F3.5 75mm Lens TESTED #543" is in sale since Tuesday, March 3, 2020. ...

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