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Voigtlander Prominent Camera, Nokton 50mm 1.5, Extras, Adapt Lens Sony E Fuji X

   The Voigtländer Prominent is a 35 mm leaf shutter. Featuring interchangeable lenses, the first camera of this type. In 1950, in competition with Leicas. The lenses attach with a bayonet fitting unique to the Prominent. The shutter is a Synchro-Compur, giving speeds 1 - 1/500 second, plus'B', with a delayed action. It has switchable M- and X- flash synchronisation. He kept the box for the camera and the box for the lens. It some with a body cap and the lens caps, filters and a hood. I have adapted the Nokton 1.5 lens to a Sony camera and the lizard picture is one I took with ...

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