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Antique Gundlach Korona Box Folding Camera Large Panoramic Bausch & Lomb Lens

   Antique Gundlach Korona Box Folding Camera. Gundlach Korona Panoramic 5x7 camera with a Bausch & Lomb Lens. Circa late 1800s early 1900s. Marked 272 on the bottom. 100+ years old camera that is in beautiful condition. This camera is very strong. It is made of Cherry wood, leather and brass. Crack in the back glass with a loose broken piece. Was previously owned, kept in good condition. Please use photos as best description of what you will be receiving. The item "Antique Gundlach Korona Box Folding Camera Large Panoramic Bausch & Lomb Lens" is in sale since Wednesday, ...

Graflex Auto Junior With Baush And Lomb Tessar Lens And Roll Film Back

   The condition of the camera is quite ok. I can get the mirror moving up and down, load the shutter, and even fire it. The bellows have leaks on the corners, and the top viewfinder bellows (not sure that is the correct name for it) also in poor condition. The cosmetic condition of the camera can be seen in the pictures. I also took a picture through the viewfinder. The camera comes with a roll film back. The lens is a Bausch & Lomb Tessar Ic Rochester NY, USA. There are no scratches or fungus on the glass, but it is a bit hazy, some might use cleaning. There is oil on the ...
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