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Salut-s (kiev-88) Camera 6x6 Lens Vega-12v 2.8/90 Lens Ussr Soviet Vintage

  0.3to 6m and infinite. Salut-S (Kiev-88) TL USSR SLR Camera Med. Format 6x6 Vega-12B 2.8/90 lens. "Salute" - Soviet medium format single-lens reflex camera, manufactured at the Kiev factory "Arsenal" (Kyiv) from 1957 to 1972. An example of the design of the camera is the Swedish «Hasselblad 1600F», so the entire line of Soviet medium-format cameras such construction abroad often called Hasselbladski. From 1972 to 1980 he produced a camera "Salyut-C" differs from the "Salute" just another lens - "Vega-12B" (2.8 / 90) to the "jump" Iris, do not require prior platoon. Very good working...
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