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Camera Alsaphot, The Cyclope. Lens Sapphire Boyer F/4.5 4 1/8in

   In 1949 Lucien Dodin designed the Cyclope camera. Manufactured by Alsaphot, it appeared on the market in 1951. 6x9 format, rigid body camera. Although it is thin, its focal length is 105 mm. This is due to the fact that the light travels in the chamber after being reflected by two 90 ° mirrors. The lens / shutter unit is placed in front on the top of the camera, lending it this unusual appearance. Saphir Boyer 1: 4.5 F = 105 mm lens, mounted on a Prontor II shutter. Camera in good condition, in its original "Alsaphot" case. No fungus, no haze, no separation, no scratches. The ...

Alsaphot Ajax 120 Roll Film Camera With Alsar 75mm 3.5 Lens

   NICE ALSAPHOT AJAX 120 ROLL FILM CAMERA W/ ALSAR 75MM 3.5 LENS. EVERY OTHER WEEK I HAVE QUITE A FEW HIGH TICKET NO RESERVE AUCTIONS STARTING AT 1 CENT.. PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AND GOOD LUCK!! PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AND GOOD LUCK! The front of the lens is the focus ring, but it has no infinity stop. Camera is overall in very good condition with really minor signs of prior use. Shows no wear to the leatherette. No dents, no dings on the camera. Camera top shows on small scratch, just some slight cleanable stains and minor wear to the accessory shoe. Fast speeds are accurate, longer speeds also ...
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