Vintage Paillard Bolex H16 16mm Reflex Movie Camera With 2 Lenses & Pistol Grip

   T his listing is for a vintage Paillard Bolex H16 16mm Reflex Movie Camera that comes with 2 Lenses & Pistol Grip. One lens is an Elgeet 1 1/2 f/2.7 Cinematar Telephoto and the other lens is a Kern-Paillard AR YVAR f/1.8 13mm lens. The camera appears to be in working order but my testing was very limited. The serial number of this camera is 160953 which indicates that it as manufactured in 1959. 8 1/2" x 6" x 3. Highly polished duraluminium body, covered in genuine Morocco leather. 100ft (30m) and 50ft (15m) daylight loading spools of 16mm film. Automatic threading and loop ...

Cooke Kinic Taylor-hobson 1 Inch F/1.5 Vintage Camera Lens #263473 England

Cooke Kinic Taylor-Hobson 1 Inch f/1.5 Vintage Camera Lens #263473 Made in England.   

Kiev/kyiv 4 Vintage Soviet Rangefinder Camera. Lens Jupiter-8m + Video

"Kiev/Kyiv 4" Vintage Soviet Rangefinder Camera. A bit of dust on lens. All my goods are in the north-east of Ukraine safe and sound outside the active war zone.  

Mint Vintage Nimslo 3d Quadra Lens 35mm Film Camera Opti Lite Flash Extras

Leather on bag/strap has blemishes from storage and age. Gauranteed in perfect working condition.   

Nikon Zf Is Here Retro Look At Its Peak

Vintage Camera Lens Bell And Howell Angenieux 3 Inch F2.5

Vintage Camera Lens Bell and Howell Angenieux 3 inch F2.5. Please see photos for condition.   

As-is Vintage Kodak Suprema Film Camera Xenar 80mm F/3.5 Lens From Japan #0779

   [As-Is] Vintage Kodak Suprema Film Camera Xenar 80mm f/3.5 Lens From JAPAN #0779 #0779. Appearance has a lot of usability. It shows signs of use. There is a thin haze on the front and rear element. There is no balsam separation. There is no large dusts. No problem in the view. There is a haze on the rear element. No problem in the shooting. Shutter can be released, but the shutter button cannot be pressed. The shutter can be released by pressing the shutter-linked lever on the side of the lens. Metal fittings of the handle on the side of the body are distorted. All you can...

Vintage Minolta X-700 35 Slr Camera W Minolta Md 50mm Lens

Capture the beauty of the world with this vintage Minolta X-700 35mm SLR camera. Equipped with a high-quality Minolta MD 50mm lens, this camera is perfect for photography enthusiasts who love the feel of classic film cameras. The camera's sturdy build and ergonomic design make it easy to use, while its advanced features allow for creative control over your shots. With a brand name like Konica Minolta, you can expect exceptional quality and reliability. This camera is well-suited for film photography enthusiasts who appreciate the unique character and texture that only film can provide....

Minolta X-570 Film Camera With Lens 28mm 2.8 Bell&howell Vintage Vtg 35m Film

Hard plastic on bottom for no scratches. Owner said it works fine. 100% return if doesn't work. Camera case in really good shape.   

Polaroid 110a Land Camera, Vintage & Fully Functional Rodenstock Ysarex Lens

This vintage Polaroid Land Camera 110A is a true gem! With a rare and fully spring driven Rodenstock Ysarex lens & Shutter, it is fully functional and ready to capture your memories. Made in the United States, this camera is a classic and in AMAZING shape. Bellows and gaskets are all intact and all parts are original and have been impeccably maintained and cared for.   


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