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Soviet Camera Krasnogorsk-3 A Sturdy Vintage Cine Camera + Lens Meteor

KRASNOGORSK-3 Soviet Camera A Sturdy Vintage Cine Camera + Lens Meteor. Aspect ratio 10.2 x 7.6 mm. Lens "Meteor-5-1" 1.9 / 17-69. The presence of EI semi-automatic exposure (TTL), with indication in the viewfinder. Focusing method with frosted glass and distance scale. Dimensions 326 × 104 × 194. Optical and mechanical systems works properly and smooth. Camera is in good working and cosmetic condition. Lens is clear, no scratches. 4 filters (UV, neutral density, dark yellow, light yellow, filter for close-up work F=1734mm 0.6 diopter). It usually takes about 10-14 days for the ...

Slr Camera 35mm Start, Lens Helios-44 2/58, Soviet Vintage, 106

   Quantity: 1 set as photo. Total weight with case: 1216 grams. SLR camera 35mm START, lens Helios-44 2/58, Soviet vintage. In total, about 76,500 pieces were produced. "Start" was a camera of a higher class than the Zenit models produced in the same years, and is considered one of the attempts to create a Soviet professional photo system. The main differences between the Start and other Soviet small-format SLRs of those years were the interchangeable viewfinder and the bayonet mount of the lens with a semi-automatic pressure diaphragm. The shutter with an anchor delay mechanism worked ...

Soviet Vintage Lens Industar-37 4.5/300 Fkd Camera

Mc Helios 44m-6 2/58 Soviet Lens Vintage Lens (adapter Canon Ef /eos)

MC Helios 44M-6 2/58 Soviet Lens Vintage lens (adapter Canon EF /EOS). MS Helios 44M-6 is an excellent lens for SLR cameras, made in the Soviet Union. Based on the Carl Zeiss Biotar 2/58 lens. Artistic portrait lens with good sharpness and beautiful swirling bokeh. Includes front and back cover, adapter for Canon EF EOS. Lens mount: M42, Canon EF EOS. Relative aperture: 1:2.0. Aperture scale: 2.0 to 16. Focus Range: 0.5m to 10m to infinity. Please, after receiving the goods, if you do not like something, do not rush to open a return or leave a negative review!! The lens is in very good, ...

1958 Zorki-5 Vintage Camera Soviet Union Lens Industar-50 3,5/50

Checked, technically and optically in order, the condition of the lens is very good. One of the best Russian-made M39 threaded lenses.   

Leningrad Vintage Soviet Rangefinder Camera With 35mm 2.8 Jupiter 12 Read

You will get exactly what you see on the Photos above. You are purchasing EXACTLY what you see in the pictures!   

Sputnik? Soviet Stereo Camera Triple Lens 22 (4.5 / 75) 6 X 6 Vintage

Soviet Stereo camera Triple Lens - 22 (4.5 / 75) 6 x 6 Vintage.   

Kmz Helios 44m Anamorphic Soviet Lens+adapter For Sony E Cameras Vintage

LENS AND READY TO USE! Lens mount: M42/Sony E Nex. Scale of diaphragms: from 2 to 16.   

Fkd Vintage Soviet Large Format Camera 18 X 24 + Lens Industar 37 (4,5/300)

   FC (photo camera) is a family of Soviet large-format direct-sight cameras, similar to pre-war German Görlitzer cameras. Large-format cameras of the "FK" family were produced in several versions, for different frame formats, with slightly different names: FK 13x18, FKD 13x18, FK 18x24, FKD 18x24, FKP 18x24, FKR 30x40. These cameras are known to several generations of Soviet people; they have been produced since 1930 and were used in almost all photo studios of the Soviet Union. The cameras have a wooden folding body and a focusing bellows made of fabric or thin leather. The design of the...

Kiev/kyiv 4 Vintage Soviet Rangefinder Camera. Lens Jupiter-8m + Video

"Kiev/Kyiv 4" Vintage Soviet Rangefinder Camera. A bit of dust on lens. All my goods are in the north-east of Ukraine safe and sound outside the active war zone.  


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