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Apparate & Kamerabau Akarette I Schneider 50mm F/2.0 Xenon Lens Rare

   Apparate & Kamerabau - AKARETTE I Schneider 50mm F/2.0 XENON Lens. Rare 35mm film camera for Collectors & camera fans. Interchangeable Lens Camera using the Akarette lens mount. Rare SCHNEIDER - KREUZNACH 50MM/F2:0. Dual view finders for 50MM AND 75MM (Nice and Clear). PRONTOR-S Leaf Shutter 23-50-100-300 & B work perfectly. But 10-5-2-1 the shutter stays open and will need attention. The self timer will also needed to be lubricated and look at. Winding and Cocking knobs are smooth and working well. Lens focus and aperture works smoothly. Lens is free of scratches but...
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