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Certo Dolly Model B 3x4cm On 127 Roll Film Camera Zeiss Tessar 50mm 3.5 Lens

   CERTO DOLLY MODEL B 3X4CM ON 127 ROLL FILM CAMERA ZEISS TESSAR 50MM 3.5 LENS. At the back are two holes. Former owner probably has 2 strap lugs installed that were taken off at a later date. Shutter B & T setting only opens and do not close. Shutter closes again when speed settings are used. Camera shows some signs of prior use and is overall in very good condition. Shows minor scuffs, minor scratches, no dings, no dents & some paint rub off. Shutter works and all speeds are accurate. Bellows is light leak free. Finder folds open nicely, is clean and bright. Original cover ...

Taokoki Seisakusho Gelto Diii Gold 3x4cm Rare Camera Grimmel 50mm 3.5 Lens

   RARE TAOKOKI SEISAKUSHO GELTO DIII GOLD 3x4CM CAMERA W/ GRIMMEL 50MM 3.5. TAOKOKI SEISAKUSHO GELTO DIII 3x4CM CAMERA W/ GRIMMEL 50MM 3.5 ANASTIGMAT. T & B settings of the shutter do not work. All other speeds pretty accurate. Camera otherwise overall in good condition. Shows some signs of prior use. Shows no dents, some dings, minor scratches, minor scuff marks. Camera is light leak free. Right view finder, bit cloudy, not in focus. Shutter blades in very good condition, show some wear. The lens elements are in good condition. Focus ring turns fairly smooth, but towards the ...
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