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Bell&howell 70-dr With 3x Lens Angenieux 0.95/1inch 1.8/10mm 2.5/3inch C-mount

   THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BUYERS FROM EU COUNTRIES!!!! THIS ARTICLE IS INTENDED FOR VAT FREE EXPORT FROM POLAND TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE EU EUROPEAN UNION. Movie Camera Bell & Howell 70-DR with 3x Angenieux 0.95/1inch 1.8/10mm 2.5/3inch C-mount. 0.95 :941518 1.8/10mm:906460 2.6/3inch :861124. Body has some sings of use and age. Camera shutter working but camera is untested with film by me. Glass all three lenses without separation, haze, funugs or scratches. Inside possible micro points of dust but don't effect on photo. Aperature fully working in all lenses and oil...

Exc+++ Bell & Howell 70-dr With 2lens Cine Kowa & Tylor-hobson From Japan #4009

  Bell & Howell 70-DR w/ 2Lens Cine Kowa & Tylor-Hobson. Body:70-DR (Made in USA) Lens1:Cine Kowa 25mm F/1.4. Lens2:Taylor-Hobson 0.7inch F/2.5. Top Mint Pre-owned, Like new Mint Pre-owned, almost no signs of use Near Mint Pre-owned, minimal signs of use Excellent+++++ Pre-owned, There are a few scratches by use. Excellent+++ Pre-owned, There are moderate scratches due to use. Excellent Pre-owned, There are many scratches by use. As-is Pre-owned, There is a problem. For parts It is broken. Letters disappearing, it may be wrong. Body and lens are scratched a lot. There is no ...
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