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Vintage Polaroid Graflok Cu-5 Land Camera Power Pack, Adapters 3 Lens & Case

  Vintage Polaroid Graflok CU-5 Land Camera Power Pack, Adapters 3 Lens & Case. Pre-owned in excellent condition with minimal wear. It comes with camera, ratio multiplier, 3 lens, power pack kit, 2x frame, 1:1 frame, polarizing filter, shoulder strap & hard case. CU-5 is a professional fixed focus camera designed for close-up and macro. The Tominon f4.7 127mm lens, stopping down to f45 is housed in an unnamed (possibly Copal Polaroid) shutter, with speeds from 125th to 1 second, plus'B' and'T' settings, with cable release. It has a built in ring flash and PC socket. The ...
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