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Newman & Sinclair 35mm Clockwork Motorized 35mm Cine Camera + 3 Xpres Lenses

   Newman & Sinclair 35mm clockwork motorized 35mm cine camera with polished aluminium cross-etched pattern finish, reflex finder, Sports finder, Set of 3 x Ross lenses (2 inch f3.5, 4 inch f3.5 & 6 inch f3.5 Xpres coated lenses in N& S Panels), 5 Magazines & 2 Sionclair outfit carying cases. ALL ENQUIRIES ABOUT THIS ITEM SHOULD BE WITHIN 12 HOURS BEFORE. Generally clean & attractive looking with normal ageing. Generally clean optics, some small marks. Working but functions not guaranteed. Be sent via insured signed-for Courier. This is something beyond our ...
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