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This Vintage Camera Viewfinder Is Amazing Shorts

Amazing Vintage Lenses That Don T Break The Bank Nikon Ai S

The Most Beautiful Camera Ever The Amazing 1960 Edixa Reflex

The Weirdest Camera Ever The Amazing Fujifilm Rensha Cardia Byu N 16

Why Thrifting In Hong Kong Is Amazing Secondhand Shops You Should Know

Shooting Amazing Portraits Using Vintage Lenses

Amazing Bolex H 16 Reflex 16mm Film Camera With4 Lenses, Case, Filters, Film More

   AMAZING Bolex H 16 Reflex 16mm Film Camera w/4 Lenses, case, filters, film MORE. Some minor scratches on metal parts, small covering lifting around edges of body. Optics have only been cleaned with blower bulb and visually verified. The 25mm and 145mm lenses appear to need additional cleaning. The wind-up motor was tested through the range of speeds and ran smoothly. The fader seems to work correctly. We have no ability to film-test the camera or test the motor speed for accuracy. Bolex H16 reflex movie camera serial # 171082. SOM Berthiot Tele-Cinor 1:4.5 F=145 lens. SOM ...

4 Amazing Lenses For The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k Bmpcc4k

Amazing Pathe France 16mm Movie Camera, 3 Lenses! Motor, 400ft Mags, Matte Box

   A very special rare collector's camera! In 10 years I have never ever seen a Pathe package this complete with all original components like the Matte Box, cables, motor, mags, even the leather strap is new! This camera set has NO user wear at all. Only maybe a few marks from being around for decades, but I can't see them! A rare opportunity to add this to your collection. Another you won't find! PATHE FRANCE PROFESSIONAL REFLEX 16MM MOVIE CAMERA PACKAGE! SHOOT A MOVIE WITH THIS ONE! It runs smooth as can be! EXCELLENT GLASS PRODUCING PERFECT IMAGE! NO scratches, haze, or fungus ...
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