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Vintage Camera Lens 20/28/37/58/85/135mm, Cine Mod Fuji Fx Mount Set Of 6 Lens

   Mir-1B Helios 44M Jupiter 9 Jupiter 37 Mir 10A Mir 20H. Focusing limit, m: from 0.2. Lens mount: Arri PL mount. Optical design: 8 elements in 7 groups. Lens hood: with an outer diameter of 80 mm. Field of view: 96 °. Frame size: 24 × 36 mm. Number of lenses / groups: 9/8. Working distance - 46.5 mm. Aperture ratio: 1: 3.5. Aperture scale limits: 1: 3.5-1: 22. Aperture adjustment - fixed values. The focal length is 135 mm. The maximum open aperture is 3.5. The angle of view is 18 degrees. The minimum focusing distance is 1.2 meters. The thread for light filters is? ...

Lot Of (6) Vintage Camera Lenses Wolfpro, Deitz, Fuji Used Must See

Here is what I have observed on the lenses. The lenses appear to be in good condition. I have not tested any of the lenses. These may include small, large and or all micro scratches, scuff and or both or all pinhole, pock marks, chipping or yellowing or residue or any other kind of imperfection.   

Vintage Fuji Kogaku Lyra Ii Folding 120mm Film Camera With 75mm Terionar F3.5 Lens

The aperture settings function as well. The bellows are in great condition and have no tearing or holes.   

I Wish I Knew This Before Buying The Fuji X100v

Vtg Fujinon A17x9b 117/9-153 Mm Erm-48 Fuji Large Video Camera Zoom Lens Rare

Vtg Fujinon A17X9B 1:17/9 153 mm ERM-48 Fuji Large Video Camera Zoom Lens Rare. Found in a recording studio storage room. Check my other listings for more vintage lenses and cameras. Okay to Good condition with normal age wear. See pics for details and measurements. My items are usually vintage and used so please examine the pictures for condition and feel free to ask any questions.   

Fuji Fujinon Sw 28mm F3,5 Wide Angle M42 Lens Vintage Praktica 3.5/28 A7r A7s R6

   FUJI FUJINON SW 28MM F3.5 SUPER WIDE ANGLE M42 LENS. Glass elements : clean, a few tiny dust inside; tiny cleaning marks on the front and rear lens elements; free from serious scratches, haze and fungus. Focus : very smooth, works properly. Aperture : 5 aperture blades, oil free, snappy, works properly. Body : tiny marks, no paintloss, very good condition for its age. Caps : front and rear caps included. I pack every package very well to avoid any damage during transportation. Bank Transfer : please contact me for bank transfer information. I love vintage, manual lenses. I service ...

Vintage Lenses On The Fuji Gfx100s Can They Keep Up

Using Vintage Lenses On Fuji Cameras Video U0026 Stills

Voigtlander Prominent Camera, Nokton 50mm 1.5, Extras, Adapt Lens Sony E Fuji X

   The Voigtländer Prominent is a 35 mm leaf shutter. Featuring interchangeable lenses, the first camera of this type. In 1950, in competition with Leicas. The lenses attach with a bayonet fitting unique to the Prominent. The shutter is a Synchro-Compur, giving speeds 1 - 1/500 second, plus'B', with a delayed action. It has switchable M- and X- flash synchronisation. He kept the box for the camera and the box for the lens. It some with a body cap and the lens caps, filters and a hood. I have adapted the Nokton 1.5 lens to a Sony camera and the lizard picture is one I took with ...

Adapting Vintage Lenses To My Fuji X T3


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