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Large Lot Of 24 Vintage, Antique Film Cameras, Lenses And Accessories

This large selection of antique and antique film cameras, lenses and accessories will be a real treat for any photography enthusiast. The cameras come in a variety of brands, including the famous Leica copycat, most of which are black. Each item in the lot is in good working condition and ready to capture life's wonderful moments. The collection features instant cameras, vintage cameras and other photography equipment, making it a complete package for any shoot. Lenses and accessories further enhance the versatility of cameras, allowing for greater creativity and experimentation. Place your ...

Vintage Movie Camera 2 1/2x Large Lens Circa 1954 Rth Made In England

The lens is marked X2 1/2 - Lens Made In England - (patent numbers) Canada 534735 USA 2,752,821 and the number 699104 and M1-557223.   

Agfa Intergon 210mm F9 Wide Angle Lens, Vintage Camera, Large Format Lens 8x10

Excellent wide angle large format lens at a great price! This is a Agfa Intergon 210mm f9 process lens. This lens has excellent sharpness and remarkable coverage. It will almost cover 11x14 at infinity, and easily covers 8x10 and smaller formats. The glass is in excellent condition and the aperture works.   

Vintage Carl Zeiss Apo Germinar 9/450 Large Format Camera Lens 6 Blades Mint

F-9 450mm Lens in near mint condition. Clean optics, no marks, aperture working smooth, 6 blades aperture. Hight quality lens, rare on the market in that condition.   

Vintage Canon Cameras With Large Lenses

2 vintage Canon Cameras With 3 Large Lenses. Lenses appear to be in good condition. I found these in a storage unit that I bought. I can't figure out how to get the large lens off of the camera, so it will remain attached. I package thoroughly and with great care.   

Vintage Luc S4 Front Mount Large Format Lens Camera Shutter No. 37639 Germany

Vintage Luc S4 Front Mount Large Format Lens Camera Shutter No. 37639 4 wide Six blade diaphragm Settings for I, B and focusing Front of lens fitting Cable release socket It does open and close, seems fine, but I don't have a way to test it If you have any questions please feel free to ask Made in Germany.   

Vintage 8x10 Symmetrical Lens In Shutter, Large Format Camera, 8x10 5x7 Lens

Vintage large format photography at its best! This made somewhere at the end of the 1900's or shortly thereafter. The lens is in fair shape, with the aperture going from f8-45 smoothly, glass is excellent except for some small bubbles on the rear glass (won't affect images at all), but the shutter doesn't work properly & will not open. Will cover 8x10 and anything smaller. A great vintage brass lens to experiment with or restore! Lens measures 89mm x 69mm overall.   

Fkd Vintage Soviet Large Format Camera 18 X 24 + Lens Industar 37 (4,5/300)

   FC (photo camera) is a family of Soviet large-format direct-sight cameras, similar to pre-war German Görlitzer cameras. Large-format cameras of the "FK" family were produced in several versions, for different frame formats, with slightly different names: FK 13x18, FKD 13x18, FK 18x24, FKD 18x24, FKP 18x24, FKR 30x40. These cameras are known to several generations of Soviet people; they have been produced since 1930 and were used in almost all photo studios of the Soviet Union. The cameras have a wooden folding body and a focusing bellows made of fabric or thin leather. The design of the...

Vintage Gundlach Korona Large Format Camera 5 X 7 With Laack F-27cm Lens

Vintage Gundlach Korona Large Format Folding Camera 5 x 7 w/ Laack F-27cm Lens. Glass on back is intact, bellows appear tight and undamaged. Movements work, lens is a Laack polynar 1:6 F-27cm No. Camera has some, wear, dust, etc. We strive to describe each item as accurately as possible and any omissions or mistakes are not intentional. We list new items every day so check out our store for more great finds!   

16 Petzval Lens, Vintage Camera Lens, Large Format Camera 5x7 8x10 Antique Lens

Turn of the century photography at its best! This is a 16 (406mm) f8 Petzval lens, made somewhere at the end of the 1800's or shortly thereafter. The is in great shape, glass is fantastic, although there is some internal dust (won't affect images in the slightest), in great condition for it's age. Will cover 5x7 & 8x10. A great vintage brass lens to give your images a fantastic vintage feel, whether on large format or digital! Get the lovely "swirly" bokeh that the Petzval lenses are known for! Lens measures 61mm x 102mm overall.   


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