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Vintage Camera Lot Equipment Minolta Konica Kodak Lenses Film Cases And More

Estate sale find, all untested!   

Vintage 1940's Kodak Medalist Ii Medium Format Rangefinder Camera With Ektar Lens

   This is a NICE Old Heavy Camera! It's Not perfect, but it's got a lot of good going for it! A Nice example of a 80+ year old Used camera. It's technically a "Rangefinder" camera but it looks like a big Hasselblad SLR. It takes 620 Roll Film for making 6X9 cm images. It was made from about the mid 1940's through the mid 1950's--- I don't know exactly when. That lens is a 100mm f/3.5 Kodak Ektar--- a venerable workhorse from Eastman. It also comes with it's original Leather Case in pretty nice condition! It's in Very Good Condition overall--- it has some light wear, scuffs, ...

Kodak Dcs 410c Vintage Camera With Diagnostic Instruments Hrd 100-nik Lense

Capture timeless memories with this vintage Kodak DCS 410c digital SLR camera, this camera ensures top-notch performance and provides a comprehensive array of features for all your photography needs. The included HRD 100-NIK lens offers stunning clarity and sharpness, making it the perfect addition to your camera collection.   

Vintage Kodak Retina Iiic 35mm Camera With 50mm F/2 Schneider Xenon C Lens Asis

We have for sale: Vintage Kodak Retina IIIC 35mm Camera With 50mm f/2 Schneider Xenon C Lens ASIS. Condition of the item: the lens is in good condition, just has dust dots inside, body has some scratches around with a little bit of wear and a little bit dirty, and has a name scratched out on the bottom shutter handle, the case has wear and ripped, and has name scratched out on top, please look at all the photos for condition. Function status of the Item. Camera with case and manual (INCLUDES ONLY WHAT YOU SEE ON THE PICTURES), item comes with a gospel tract as a gift.   

Vintage Kodak Retina Model 1 Type 010 Folding Camera Extar Lens 50mm F3.5 Lens

Vintage Kodak Retina Model 1 Type 010 Folding Camera - Extar Lens 50mm F3.5 Lens. This Vintage Kodak Retina Model 1 Type 010 Folding Camera - Extar Lens 50mm F3.5 Lens is is good condition. Shutter works on all speeds. Lens optics are clean with only light dust. Finder has very light haze/dust. Bellows are free from light. Light seals are vintage unchecked. Vintage Kodak Retina Model 1 Type 010 Folding Camera. We liquidate lots o camera stuff. We do not test items unless noted; condition notes are from visual inspection. Questions Encouraged Before the Sale. Items packaged for safe ...

Kodak Cine 15mm F2.5 Wide+50mm F1.6 Fast+152mm F4.5 S+c-mount Lens+lot+work+nice

   Kodak Cine 15mm f2.5 Wide+50mm f1.6 FAST+152mm f4.5 S+C-Mount Lens+LOT+WORK+NICE. 011821 - ES2034 Kodak Cine 15mm f2.5 Wide+50mm f1.6 FAST+152mm f4.5 S+C-Mount Lens+LOT+WORK+NICE This is a Lot of 3 - Fantastic Kodak cine lenses: Kodak Cine Ektar 15mm f2.5 (#RC373 L) Kodak Anastigmat 50mm f1.6 (ER465) Cine-Kodak Telephoto 152mm f4.5 L (Lumenized model) (#ES1170) This is a Set of lenses known for their image quality and performance. They are each is great classic, made in the USA lenses for for both S and C-mount cameras and those who appreciate fine quality optics and adapt them to more ...

Vintage Eastman Kodak Type I Telephoto Lens 36 Inch

Vintage Eastman Kodak Type I Telephoto Lens 36 Inch. To the best of my knowledge, this kind of aerial lens was used in WWII era spy planes. It is mounted on a wooden frame and comes with a lens cap. I do not know the exact purpose of the wooden frame, but assume it was to place a camera such that the lens could be used for extreme magnification without attaching directly to the film camera. It appears to be well cared for and in good condition apart from some dust on the outside.   

Vintage Newton Kodak Vc2 New-vue Photo Camera With Extras

This is a estate sale find. It's a beautiful vintage camera, if you have any questions just let me know.   

Vintage Kodak Retina Reflex S With Original Schneider-kreuznach Xenon 50mm F1,9

   This vintage Kodak Retina Reflex S is a classic SLR camera that comes with its original Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 50mm F:1,9 lens. It features a manual focus type and a 35mm format, making it the perfect addition to any film photography collection. The camera also boasts a built-in light meter to ensure that every shot is perfectly exposed. It weighs 2 lbs 9 oz and is in great working condition. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this camera is sure to produce high-quality vintage photos. The Kodak retina reflex S is an all metal hefty camera, it was one of ...

Kodak Cine Ektar Lens 15mm F/2.5 Vintage Wide Angle C Mount Camera Lens R01165

Kodak Cine Ektar Lens 15mm f/2.5 Vintage Wide Angle C Mount Camera Lens R01165. Hard to find lens from a huge estate collection. It does need to be cleaned a bit as it has been sitting in storage. It appears to be in good shape. The person who had this had a very unique large lifefime collection, so I will be listing several other related items. Thank you for looking and don't miss out on this great find. Be sure to follow my account to stay up to date.   


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