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Vintage Lenses For Video Transform Any Slr Lenses Into A Cine Lens

Using Vintage Lenses On Fuji Cameras Video U0026 Stills

Using A 140 Year Old Lens To Shoot A Video

Epic Little 20 Lens For Video

Vintage Sony Avc-4600 Video Camera With Canon V10 X 15ms Tv Zoom Lens

   With Canon V10 x 15MS TV Zoom Lens. 15 - 150mm 1:2.8. What is Shown in the Pictures is What You Will Receive. ABSOLUTE has used its best efforts to inspect the item(s) for sale, create descriptions and furnish photographs that fairly and adequately depict the visual condition of the item at the time of sale. We will performance test items within the realm of our technical expertise. Some items may fall outside of that realm. We would like to work out a solution in place of a return if possible. All items are to be paid for in U. The item "Vintage Sony AVC-4600 Video Camera with ...

Shooting A Video With A World War 1 Lens 100 Years Old

Cheap Cinematic Vintage Lenses For Video

Cp-16r Super 16mm Camera With Built In Video Tap Two 400ft Mags & 12-120 Ang. Lens

   CP-16R Super 16mm camera w/ built in video tap two 400ft mags & 12-120 Ang. This camera was re-built from ground up by a Visual Products tech. Only about 80ft of film has been ran thru it since the rebuild. Its crystal sync and very quiet. Theres two batteries both hold a charge and tested running the camera. This camera has set in dry storage in its Pelican for ten years after it was re-built. The only issue with it is the trigger button on the handle, this would need to be addressed as its not a hundred percent. There is a run button on the back of the camera for turning it on ...

My Favorite Manual And Vintage Lenses For Video

3 Affordable Lenses For Video Under 80 Each


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